Sailing for Beginners

Race For Disabled Sailors

The Regatta and Oakcliff Sailing Center, Jr. Memorial Clinic, C Thomas Clagett along with the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay, New York have created the match race for disabled sailors.

This initiative was taken to fill the gap for disabled sailors giving them an equal opportunity to take part in the racing to experience the competition like any other sailor. The launch event had 8 teams along with coaching offered by Dave Perry, the renowned match racer. Perry will soon return to train the sailors this year with 10 Sonars made available for the participants.

The event for 2017 is likely to schedule from 25th to 27th of August. The initial one and a half days would be fully dedicated to practice and coaching followed by match racing for the remaining one and a half days. (more…)

Sailing for Beginners

U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship

The disabled people also do wonders with the sails and that is what they proved at the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship.

The championship that was held this year was at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. Having occurred the last weekend, there were sailors who have to showcase action single handedly. It is not a regatta that is new and has been existing for sailors who have different kinds of disabilities. There are Paralympians in this category who compete regularly and strengthen their sailing skills. This year the regatta had new as well as old members competing.

It was first started in 1986 when it was known as the U.S. Independence Cup. It soon became known as the National championship for sailors who had disabilities. This occurred in 1989. The regatta was then brought under US Sailing championship division in 2007. Subsequently, it was renamed as U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship. (more…)

Sailing Racing

New York Yacht Club Race

If you were at Newport, you would have witnessed the race week that was recently concluded by the New York Yacht Club. There were about 19 boats that participated and among them the largest or biggest was J/109. The race week of New York Yacht Club was organized by Rolex.

On July 16th when the event was reported, there were two boats that were ahead of the race. These were Loki of David Rosow and Caminos of Donald Fillippelli. Each boat started off the day with 23 points. (more…)

Sailing for Beginners

Teen girls joins training program

A free clinic planned to promote contest for United States girls on the national and regional level would take place on 29th April to 1st May, 2016 in New Orleans, Los Angeles. The Leiter Spring Women’s Clinic at the Southern Yacht Club offers coaching, lodging and food for Club 420 as well as Laser Radial sailors aged 13 to 18. There are a limited number of seats, with nominees accepted based on participation and enthusiasm in sailing events.

Directed by Richard Feeny, head coach, this clinic is made possible by an accord from Judy and Stephanie McLennan, Nancy Leiter Clagett’s daughter and granddaughter. A refundable money in the amount of US$ 250.00 is due with each application.

In the mean time, after leading 58th Annual Lightning Midwinter Championship for the 1st two days, Tom Allen collapsed hard today with a 10-10 to end 4th overall. After entering the day tied with Tito Gonzalez in 2nd position, Allan Terhune won the last race but it was not enough to hold Gonzalez and crew Trini Gonzalez and Alberto Gonzalez Jr who took the top spot. 32 squads completed 9 races during the 3-day event. The Lightning Southern Circuit travels north for 69th annual Winter Championship in St Petersburg, Florida.

Meanwhile, World Sailing Match Race rankings have been unveiled as of 16th March with Great Britain’s Ian Williams standing on top of the Open section with Denmark’s Camilla Ulrikkeholm leading the women’s.

Ulrikkeholm has the No. 1 position in the women’s division and she is followed by France’s Anne Claire Le Berre of France and Anna Kjellberg of Sweden.