Sailing for Beginners

U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship

The disabled people also do wonders with the sails and that is what they proved at the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship.

The championship that was held this year was at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. Having occurred the last weekend, there were sailors who have to showcase action single handedly. It is not a regatta that is new and has been existing for sailors who have different kinds of disabilities. There are Paralympians in this category who compete regularly and strengthen their sailing skills. This year the regatta had new as well as old members competing.

It was first started in 1986 when it was known as the U.S. Independence Cup. It soon became known as the National championship for sailors who had disabilities. This occurred in 1989. The regatta was then brought under US Sailing championship division in 2007. Subsequently, it was renamed as U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship.

Competitors who take part in this championship have participated in the Paralympic Games at national level which has included Nick Scandone who won gold in 2008 and Jennifer French who won silver medal in 2012. The competition that was held this year saw the competitors staking their claim on the Judd Goldman Trophy. This trophy has been donated by Peter Goldman in honor of Justin or Judd Goldman, who had been an accomplished veteran himself even though he had disabilities that restricted his skills. Indeed, the challenges that disabled people face while sailing can only be appreciated when one sees them in action. Similar action was seen when the Paralympic games were held in Rio this year. The challenges that such people overcome to sail on waters are definitely worth appreciating. The national and regional level competitions offer such sailors opportunities to hone their skills and gain support for them to move to higher levels of competition.