One Of The Tensest Final Days In Youth Worlds History

World’s tensest day observed in Youth Sailing World Championships, it was a breathtaking moment for the world when China came across the tensest every day during the World’s Sailing World Championships with eight gold medals in the finals.

Two sailors from Italy named, Margherita Porro along with Sofia Leoni received gold in Girl’s 29er however, the disappointment found when only few points have separated the both of them from front runners in the rest of the eight fleets. Sanya has saved on the final day because the weather was quite sunny and 12 knots steadily moved towards the east direction.

The interesting moment was when there was a constant struggle for Boy’s Gold amongst three named Théo Revil from France and Gautier Guevel came with a strong challenge and claiming the hard fight.

It was hard to decide about the momentum whether it should go to Mathias Berthet from France or Alexander Franks-Penty from Norway and to Rok Verderber and Klemen Semelbauer from Slovenia because all performed so well.

Guevel as well as Revil kept two teams at bay and sailed via seventh. Then the Norwegians came up at 14th position and Slovenia came on 16th position.

The gold fall into the pocket of the Norwegians picked. On the contrary, Slovenians fall into trouble when Elias Dalli and Santiago Duncan won the race and caught Bronze ahead with 5 points

Porro as well as Leoni got gold; Diana Sabirova as well as Russia’s Zoya Novikova from Russia got second and moved for silver.

Struggle at in Boy’s 420was prevailed tension all over because Otto Henry along with Rome Featherstone from Australia overcome Trevor Bornarth and Thomas Rice from USA to go for Gold

Australia’s overcame Thomas Rice and (USA) to win gold in the Boy’s 420. The entire battle ended with Australians who got third position along with the Americans by leaving behind at 11th position and gave them silver.

The Australians came through in third with the Americans behind in 11th which gave them silver.