Sailing Racing

New York Yacht Club Race

If you were at Newport, you would have witnessed the race week that was recently concluded by the New York Yacht Club. There were about 19 boats that participated and among them the largest or biggest was J/109. The race week of New York Yacht Club was organized by Rolex.

On July 16th when the event was reported, there were two boats that were ahead of the race. These were Loki of David Rosow and Caminos of Donald Fillippelli. Each boat started off the day with 23 points.

The boat in the third place was about 14 points at the back and as there had been a morning delay, the Championship mattered for these two boats by mid-day. The win was a Submariner Date of Rolex Stainless Steel which was something enticing for both boat owners.

Rosow talked about keeping things uncomplicated with the other boats – something he learned when he was a boy operating Croatian bareboat charter. However, in the regatta he did stray from the principle that he usually preached. He confessed that he wanted to stay close to Caminos so that they could get ahead of them as and when the opportunity arose. The advantage that they had was boat speed that was higher when compared to the fleet.

The boat had a good start ahead of others. Rosow confessed that he knew that it was only with Caminos that they had to make a win. Caminos got mired with traffic and had to fall behind. Hence, Loki had a head start that they put to good advantage. There was a breeze that was steady and of 6 to 10 knots. The leading boat did not have to overthink what strategy they needed to use to get ahead as it was easy for them after that. The viewers for the race definitely had a great time as well.